Respectable and experienced business manager

Our business model is unparalleled, and empowers you to be placed amongst an industry leading team of consultants that are highly regarded by our clients.  We invite you to discuss the benefits of consulting with eReports.


Business relationship
eReports has no restrictive or exclusive contract.  We empower medical consultants and they choose to work with us because we are an efficient, innovative and transparent organisation.
You totally retain your independent professional identity with all appointments marketed, reports issued and invoices generated with your details.
You determine the volume of consultations you want to undertake and when you will be available. Our dedicated travel managers make all the necessary arrangements for your travel requirements when consulting interstate with eReports.
Specialist support via phone and online.
Our intelligent business systems and PIEF accredited administration team ensure your clinical practice is not impacted whilst working with us.
Full time consultants that work with us are provided ultimate support with a dedicated team of professionals to manage your schedule and all documentation, and access to an extensive national network of locations should you wish to consult in more than one location.

Access to our extensive, established list of highly valued clients. We provide a broad range of services to the Insurance, Legal, Corporate and the provision of services to Government sectors nationally.

Reports’ sales and marketing team are constantly developing and expanding our significant base of clients.
Online client access to specialist CV’s – your independent professional identity is maintained.

Client access to your available appointments 24/7
Appointments for your medical advisory work can be securely made online for every available appointment in a large network of locations by any of our extensive network of national clients.
Your professional independent profile is highly visible, our clients enjoy access to your practice and your academic qualifications at any time. 

Receive immediate confirmation of each booking if required.
Your schedule and booking details are available online.

Invoicing, banking and debt collection
Complete financial transparency 

Specialists retain total flexibility of financial and taxation planning.
All invoices issued with your ABN.
All banking into your nominated account.
Secure online access to your individual banking and invoicing records – You have access to client invoices, and know the market value of  your reports.
Full debtors ledger and debt collection service.

National network of consulting locations
eReports consult in every state and territory, across a broad network of locations or consult from your own rooms with eReports OMNI.
Consultants who work with our group are in high demand across Australia, and have the opportunity to vary their caseload and broaden their expert medical advisory experience.
Our dedicated travel managers completely organise your flights and accommodation, our professional and dedicated consultant partnership team work hard to enhance your travel commitments with eReports. 

Documentation security and management
eReports leads the industry in every aspect of data security. 

Documentation for all sessions received, scanned and managed by eReports.
Documentation available to you in advance online.
All documents relating to any consultation, including the report and clinical notes are stored online in our secure data centre based in Australia.
All your reports are available for immediate access by you at any time with your secure login.

Writing and delivery of reports
You give final approval to all reports prior to dispatch to the client, guaranteeing report integrity. A copy of each report as delivered to clients is available for access by you at all times via our secure website.
Your professional integrity is important, when you consult with eReports you know that the document you approved is the document despatched to the client.

Fully integrated digital dictation, transcription and quality assurance system ensures industry leading report production and dispatch.
Online approval and editing of your reports.

eReports Culture
Our expert medical consultants enjoy a number of advantages when consulting with us. Join a well known and highly regarded panel of independent consultant specialists.
eReports are privileged to work with a large number of notable specialists, who have continued to recommend our services to their colleagues.
Extend your professional accreditation by attending our relevant training sessions, such as the ABIME AMA Impairment guide training sessions.

We host college peer review groups to discuss and review cases that may be contentious or difficult.  It’s a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and discuss relevant issues outside formal meetings.
Our dynamic specialist support team work hard to ensure that your sessions with us are correctly managed, that your files contain an accurate history of the examinees, and liaise with clients to ensure the assessment yields a concise and professional report.
We develop a close working relationship to maximise your income stream and offer a fully supported service for consultants still in clinical practice and for consultants who have selected to consult full time.
Tailor your consulting days to suit your lifestyle, and in a range of consulting locations across Australia. Incorporate your travel with the ability to consult in an extended geographical network.

Our specialists enjoy a range of social activities within the group, and we regularly host social events within the various college conferences.

There are a range of customisable options for your consultancy that we would be please to discuss in further detail. Please contact us directly to consider the range of services and options we are able to provide those interested in providing independent expert medical opinions.

Paige Keyte
Consultant Partnership Liaison