Medicolegal report writing workshop Medicolegal skills and courtroom testimony Medicolegal causation scientific analysis workshop

Date: Friday 21 September
Venue: Level 2, RACV Club 501 Bourke Street Melbourne
Facilitator : Professor Mohammed Ranavaya MD, JD, MS, FFOM, FRCPI, CIME




Experienced IME’s and industry professionals | Refine your medicolegal understanding and produce powerful opinions that are independent and highly sought after by industry. The various legislations and requirements are changing, clients are seeking IME’s that invest in their ongoing professional development, higher accreditations/certifications and actively engaged in delivering the best outcomes for those requiring a medical opinion.

New to the world of IME’s ? | For medical specialists that are just beginning their journey as an IME or are interested in working in this space, these courses are invaluable. The skills that you will learn in these high calibre workshops empower your understanding and give you a foundation of excellence in your future as an IME or industry related professional.

ABIME are a globally recognised leader in the ongoing continual professional development in the use and understanding of the guides and we invite you to advance to the next level in your professional pathway. For 6 years, eReports has assisted ABIME in the delivery of high quality training of medical specialists and industry professionals seeking to master their skills and achieve certification in the use of the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

“I invite you to undertake the various training workshops held by Professor Ranavaya and ABIME. The delivery of high levels of education and certification is ongoing and consistently delivered here by ABIME and Professor Ranavaya in Australia. The workshops are powerful and participants regularly deliver positive feedback at the high calibre of instruction and understanding they take away. Place yourself above your peers with enhanced understanding and deliver exceptional independent medical opinions or if you are working within the industry space in another capacity, this training will enable you to master the guides.
I look forward to welcoming you in Melbourne.” Ruth Hogarth – ABIME Board of AdvisorsPlease email Miss Paige Keyte on for further information on this and our other ABIME training schedules