“From Instruction to Conclusion”

As an industry leader in the provision of medico-legal reports, eReports ensure your matters are handled with professionalism, efficiency, and accuracy. Our focus is on the delivery of clearly superior customer service from initial instruction through to conclusion.

Amongst many of the services eReports provide:

• Specialist Medico-Legal reports
• Independent Medical Examinations
• Impairment Assessments
• Life and Disability Assessments
• Return to work / Fitness for work
• Online File reviews
• Online Supplementary requests
• TPD Assessments
• Federal Government Section 36
• Worksite Assessments
• Medical Negligence
• Second Opinions
• Specialist Verbal reports where prompt opinion is required

Online and immediate booking service for appointments and file reviews
Appointments can be securely made and instantly confirmed for any location, at any time.

Real time access to all the available appointments for our growing team of specialists nationwide.

Client support line
1300 130 963 – During business hours nationally.

National coverage
Access to accomplished specialists in our expanding network of national locations.

Easy navigation and search features
Match injury type, specialists, their legislative approvals and locations with available appointment times.

Rapid report turnaround
Our fully integrated digital dictation, transcription, and quality assurance service ensures industry leading consistent report despatch.

Secure individual login
Ensure any information you exchange with eReports remains confidential.

Appointment management system
eReports comprehensive online booking management system allows you to efficiently:

• Track the status of each appointment.

• Documents received confirmation

• Attendance confirmation sent to you or your team

• Report status and delivery time

• Invoice status for each booking

• Online supplementary report request

Team benefits
Facility to nominate colleagues to receive copies of all correspondence. Appointment information is available to all members of your team through their unique login.

Online additional services designed to assist you

• SMS reminders

• Send Instructions / notes direct to specialist

• Book interpreter services

• Access to your archive of specialist reports

Online security
We lead the industry in every aspect of data security.

All documentation relating to appointments, including clinical notes and reports, are archived in our high security data centre electronically.

You can elect to receive any of your reports directly to you and also to your central document repository or retrieve them via an encrypted and monitored link.

Acceptance of documentation
You can upload documentation for appointments, supplementary reports and file reviews securely and encrypted directly to our server at the time of booking. Upload further documents should they become available prior to the appointment.

Immediate email confirmation of files uploaded successfully. Alternatively if it is more convenient for you then we can receive your documentation via email or fax.

All documentation is held electronically. We are able to ensure the integrity of your data is protected by our rapid data recovery process.

Review specialist CVs online
Assists you in the selection of the most appropriate Specialist.