• A list of medications that you take.
  • X-ray films, MRI ,CT scans and reports (not needed for psychiatric appointments)
  • Treating doctors’ reports and specialists’ reports
  • Photo ID to confirm your identity.


eReports is requested to provide an independent assessment of the current status and treatment of your medical condition by the organisation handling your matter and not by your treating health care providers. This can often be confronting as it is not the assessors role to offer medical advice for your treatment.

An assessment can typically last between 45-60 mins and consists of an interview and where
requested a physical examination.
Complex matters can take longer than a typical assessment time.

Please be early or on time
for your appointment as our consultations run as scheduled and
contact your case manager if you are late or unable to make your appointment.

We cannot take cancellations or reschedule your appointment unless it is through the agent that is handling your matter.

A consent form will be required to be completed for each visit to 
our consultants. Assessments will not take place without your consent.

Our Independent Medical Examiners cannot guide you regarding your medical condition or your
treatment, therefore please do not ask for medical advice. Should you require further information, we recommend you seek advice from your treating health care providers.

A copy of your report is made available only to the organisation that requested your assessment.


Instances where an assessment involves a physical examination, the consultant specialist may require you to partially undress. Your privacy is protected with gowns and sheets in this event.

As well as an assessment of the area of concern on your body, a further
 generalised examination may also be required. 

All of our consultant specialists are experienced professionals, who conduct assessments with sensitivity and discretion. Should you feel discomfort for any reason, please share your concerns with the IME undertaking your assessment.

Children are not permitted
to be in the consultation room with you, and our staff cannot mind unsupervised children.
Therefore we recommend that you do not bring children to your assessment.

Female examinees may request 
an adult member of their family or female staff member to be present during the examination. Agreement to this request is at the discretion of the consultant specialist.

Please do not bring visitors or extended family members into any of the consulting locations as space can be restricted only for those with assessment appointments.


During the interview part of your assessment, you will be asked questions about your matter, including how it originated and  progression.

Questions may also be asked about
medical tests and treatments you have had in the past. Also, you may need to answer questions about your social, personal and recreational life. This information will enable the consultant specialist to fully understand your situation and how your injury could be affecting your life.
This type of information is very important in the overall

Recording any part of your assessment may result in legal action.  It is wise to discuss your intentions to Reception or the specialist conducting your assessment, so you are informed of the privacy laws that you will be in breach of.  Assessments will be terminated if persons are found recording them.